The W3Bmetrics Manifesto

The W3Bmetrics Manifesto

Hi! My name is Ryan Charleston, founder and chief editor of W3Bmetrics and this a project manifesto.

Here, I’d like to layout a simple vision for my readers, future partners and contributors. I’ve been in the web3/crypto space for over 10 years now, as an early investor, enthusiast, entrepreneur and marketer.

This is me...

My crypto journey has offered experience developing marketing strategies and executing marketing campaigns at various web3 startups over the past 5 years. I continue to be a web3 user, investor, advisor and still excited about blockchain technology, despite enduring the rollercoaster ride of now, 3 bear markets!

If you’d like to learn more about my story, please follow my blog and connect with me on DeSo or Twitter!

What is W3Bmetrics?

W3Bmetrics (as the name implies) is “web3 + metrics” (pronounced: “web metrics”) which means a focus on the metrics that move Web3, mainly related to marketing and growth functions in crypto startups, DAOs, NFT projects and other web3-native organizations.

The W3Bmetrics mission is to serve as a hub for web3 marketing information, offering a space for discovery and insights at the intersection of blockchain, web3 marketing, crypto analytics and web3 growth technologies.

W3Bmetrics Community

I’m just getting started so this could change over time, but I anticipate the W3Bmetrics community will be a diverse audience made up of two camps:

  1. Web3 Users/Investors – Anyone using and/or invested in blockchain tech and web3 apps who want to track the latest trends and metrics related to web3 marketing, sales and growth.
  2. Web3 Teams – Developers, founders, entrepreneurs and marketing leaders at web3 startups who are seeking alpha that can give them the edge in building or refining their growth strategies.

Diving Into Web3 Marketing

W3Bmetrics plans to dive into many interesting topics related to web3 marketing and crypto analytics, asking and answering many questions including, but not limited to:

  • What are the metrics that matter within various web3 business models?
  • How are DAOs and NFT projects disrupting the standard marketing playbook?
  • What web3 growth strategies are working today, by channel or vertical?
  • What emerging web3-native apps and marketing services are emerging to support growth initiatives at web3 startups and DAOs?

If you have any additional questions you’d like to ask or discuss, please reach out via your preferred social channel (links in the footer). 

I’m also looking to record written or audio interviews with web3 founders and growth leaders with experiences and insights they’d like to share.

Growth Map

So, what’s the plan? What’s the roadmap? Ah, everyone wants a roadmap… but I say nah, where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

Instead, W3Bmetrics has a Growth Map. Below is a general outline (subject to change) on how I plan to grow W3Bmetrics and the type of content you should expect to see published on this blog and social media.

  • Research – Continue with ongoing research into the people and projects in web3 marketing and publish free insights to the blog and newsletter.
  • Network – Engage with web3 teams, developers, founders and marketing leaders to share insights and explore ways to collaborate around common themes and goals.
  • Analysis – Publish deep-dives into a number of topics related to web3 marketing and growth strategies, plus reviews, tutorials, guides and demos of various apps and platforms in this emerging space.
  • Interviews – Publish written and/or audio talks with web3 founders and growth leaders, discussing current trends and topics related to web3 marketing and growth.
Ok, that’s my minimal-viable-growth map (MVGM) for 2023. In addition to building W3Bmetrics, I’m also a web3 marketing consultant. I specialize in designing marketing dashboards.

Enjoy The Journey

If the concept of W3Bmetrics interests to you and you want free alpha, news and insights sent to your inbox, please subscribe to the newsletter and follow the project on social media.

If you’d like to contribute to W3Bmetrics, please reach out. I’m always happy to discuss ideas.

LFG! -Ryan

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    The W3Bmetrics Mission Is To Serve As A Hub For Web3 Marketing Information, Offering A Space For Discovery And Insights At The Intersection Of Blockchain, Web3 Marketing, Crypto Analytics And Web3 Growth Technologies.
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